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The Value of Membership

We believe that the health of the business community and the health of the larger community in which it lives are inextricable. And our work – providing the tools that business need to succeed – is central to the success of the community as a whole.

Building Business Relationships
It’s not just who you know, it’s who others know and connecting to the right people.

Stand out and be recognized as an active member of your community. Reputation is everything and Chamber & EDC membership lends credibility.

Have a Voice
Have a say in what happens through our advocacy efforts in representing the interests of business with government

Get involved in leadership roles through committees and our Board of Directors

Education & Resources
Expand your business knowledge and professional skills with workshops and seminars put on by the Chamber & EDC and partner organizations

Membership Benefits

Today’s business climate demands that the Chamber & EDC provide flexible, affordable and powerful programs and services that support your individual needs. Our membership, marketing and visibility program will allow members to invest at various levels of membership based on bundles of programs and services providing valuable benefits for your organization.

All members at every level receive a bundle of benefits including more than 300 networking opportunities, marketing programs and events. As members increase their membership level, additional networking, marketing and services of escalating value are included. Regardless of the membership level a business may choose, events, programs and services are available on an a la carte basis to enrich any level of membership.

Membership Levels

Not sure if a membership is right for you, or need some clarification on benefits?  Please complete the form below and our Director of Membership Services will be happy to help!

See What Others Say

My wife and I own a small business in Highlands Ranch/Littleton area. We decided to join the Northwest Douglas County Chamber/EDC about 5 years ago. Immediately after joining, we realized there was a strong contingent of like-minded small business owners and professionals from all walks of life, this network of people has proven to be invaluable to our business and has truly enriched our private life with a bunch of close personal relationships. As with all things in life, you get out what you put in, in order to gain the maximum in benefit you need to get plugged in and involved but we are strong supporters of our local chamber NWDC & EDC. The work relationships and more importantly the personal relationships we have fostered over the years in this Chamber are a valuable part of our lives.

Tim Oddo, Reverse Mortgage Specialist with LeaderOne Financial


As a 20 year member of this Chamber of Commerce, I can’t speak highly enough about the value I receive for my membership year after year.  The Chamber has served as a platform for me to grow my business to what it is today.  The relationships I have built though this organization will be lifelong.  I encourage any business owner new or established to get involved with the Northwest Douglas County Chamber & EDC.


Michelle Colaizzi, LTC Exclusive Agent/Personal Financial Representative with Allstate Insurance

The Northwest Douglas County Chamber and EDC is a must have membership for your business in Northwest Douglas County Colorado! First of all they are on the cutting edge of ideas and resources for the business community. There is an unwavering dedication to not “just the chamber members”, but the whole business community in Douglas County. Their commitment and dedication to our community shows great leadership and direction in a time of need, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. Any information that has been needed or sought after during these trying times have been available at the Chamber and EDC. There is a great spirit of giving and help, which creates hope in the eyes of the business community.

I simply can’t imagine not being a member because of the sense of stability the Northwest Douglas County Chamber and EDC brings.

Richard Lamberson, FICF, CLF, CLU Regional Director with Modern Woodmen of America