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Business Advocacy

As an active member the Doulas County Business Alliance, the Colorado State Chamber of Commerce, and the Colorado Competitive Council, the Northwest Douglas County Chamber & EDC is an advocate for its business members.  With access to Elected Officials and pro business lobbyists, we can help you stay connected, informed, and have your message heard.


Douglas County Business Alliance policy statements are critical to generating a unified voice for Douglas County. The DCBA board votes on issues critical to small and larger businesses in Douglas County and alerts the delegation and members of any positions taken.

The Douglas County Business Alliance is a coalition of business organizations with a mission to provide a single voice for the Douglas County business community on issues such as:

  • Transportation
  • Water
  • Business-Friendly Public Policy
  • Education
  • Tax Policy
  • Sustainable Development

Colorado State Chamber of Commerce

The mission of the Colorado Association of Commerce & Industry is to champion a healthy business climate. The four key objectives of that mission include:

  1. Maintaining and improving the cost of doing business;
  2. Advocating for a pro-business state government;
  3. Increasing the quantity of educated, skilled workers; and
  4. Strengthening Colorado’s critical infrastructure (roads, water, telecommunications and energy).


The Colorado Competitive Council (C3) focuses on preserving and enhancing the competitive business climate in the Centennial State. C3 is an unprecedented statewide undertaking, providing direct lobbying and business advocacy at the state legislative level.

Colorado competes each day for new jobs, both nationally and internationally, and our state ranks well in comparison to many others on a number of business issues. Yet, Colorado faces significant challenges that pose both short- and long-term risks to our unique quality of life and workforce development. C3’s goal is to address these challenges and work to move Colorado’s economy forward.

Northwest Douglas County Chamber & Economic Development Corporation's Endorsement of Candidates
It has come to our attention that there are political advertisements have been distributed that may appear to name the Northwest Douglas County Chamber & EDC as an endorsement. While our organization does have many members who may endorse specific candidates, the Chamber & EDC as an organization does not.

The mission of the Chamber & EDC is to foster a community environment that is conducive to a healthy economy and sponsors economic development. In pursuit of those goals the our organization sponsors a variety of community events and engages in legislative advocacy. While the Chamber & EDC historically has taken positions in support of or opposition to legislation or public policy, it has not historically endorsed individual candidates. That being said, the Chamber & EDC hosts events intended to encourage the flow of information from lawmakers, policy makers, and candidates for public office. These events are for the benefit of our members and the community, not for the benefit of the speaker or candidate.

The Chamber & EDC has historically enjoyed a positive relationship with our local elected officials, and it is our sincere hope our organization will continue to enjoy that same level of access and cooperation regardless of who is elected.