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Posted on October 19, 2022 2022Breaking NewsTransportation

a hand holding a steering wheel

Information courtesy of the Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV)

Coloradans now have more options than ever before in how they get road ready with the latest edition of the Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Driver Handbook.

The latest edition of the Driver Handbook is out now as an English audiobook for the first time ever and is also available in print and digital versions in English and Spanish.

The Driver Handbook is a manual the DMV publishes to help soon-to-be-motorists learn how to drive safely and lawfully on Colorado roadways.

Although the Driver Handbook has been available in English and Spanish traditionally, the English audiobook is a great new option for Coloradans who have learning or reading disabilities or just learn better by listening to information.

“We want to empower Coloradans to get the Driver Handbook in whichever format works best for them,” Driver License Director Lori Daigle said. “The DMV is committed to serve all Coloradans and by providing the handbook in various formats allows us to do just that.”

It’s the DMV’s hope that providing more options will better prepare and educate soon-to-be-motorists on the rules of the road, making it safer to travel for all Coloradans, especially during October which is National Pedestrian Safety Month.

The handbook can be downloaded online at the DMV’s website in English or Spanish or can be listened to as an audiobook on YouTubeAmazon and Podbean.  Coloradans can also print the 32-page handbook if they prefer having a physical copy.

As an added learning tool, the DMV also offers the Colorado Driver Handbook Practice Quiz. This 30-question quiz focuses on many elements found in the written driver license test, which Coloradans must successfully complete to be eligible for an instruction permit. The online practice quiz is part of the Division’s commitment to ensuring Colorado motorists are road ready.

Coloradans can access the Driver Handbook anywhere as long as they have an internet-connected phone, tablet or computer; or they can download it and access all of its great content later regardless of internet connectivity.

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